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O ring may let it align better but does not do anything significant on the up stroke because the complete load is on the threads below the O-ring '

I can size to my measurements without adding force when raising the ram
To quote Kathy Knewman , So what you're saying is . You watch for when the die and shell holder touch and stop as you actually see them touch rather then feel them touch as the ram stops ??

If the die and shell holder are making contact at the top of the stoke you are putting more load/stress on the press then is needed to simply size your case . It must be because the total load is based completely on how hard you press the die and shell holder together . Anything more then just the lightest kiss and you are putting more stress on the press then is needed unless you are watching for that kiss .

I know it sounds like I'm splitting hairs or challenging you but I'm not . Just pointing out what seems like an obvious fact . As soon as the die and shell holder touch ANY more pressure on the arm is putting more stress on the press then is needed . I don't think many have that good a feel to stop every time at the exact moment they touch . I believe Unclenick claims we as reloaders can't tell a difference of anything less the 10lbs of force when working the ram . According to some if the die does anything more then just barely kiss the shell holder your press is going to fail at some point do to that extra pressure . Now I've been arguing against that theory this whole time saying the press can handle a little extra that we all do if the die and shell holder make contact .

I still believe some are taking this whole idea out of context, They mean don't overly stress the press but are simply saying don't stress the press as if they are the same thing . The press is under quite a bit of stress when it sizes a case anyways .
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