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I install the shellholder , raise the ram then lower the die to hit the shellholder lower the ram alittle , screw the die down , as a example , picture a clock 1 to 12 , I will lower 1 twelfth and feel if all the slop is out , remember I'm using a O Ring between the press and lockring on the die making it easy to fine tune .I can size to my measurements without adding force when raising the ram , lube of course.
Have you tried the O Ring , once the lockring is locked on the die squeezing he O Ring between the press and ring , fine tuning the die height is easy on easy off . Works good for me. I go by feel , never had a issue sizing to the measurement I was looking for with my full sizing . The press I feel is very strong after having a royal screw up . I must have cleaned the doing and didn't have the right height on the decapper and blew out the primer pocket , first time I felt a hard size . Felt like such an A H. Press and die , shaft and pin were fine , the primer pocket sure looked strange . Strange things happen when you have your head up your gazoo.


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