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I have to ask cw308 , you use the Redding competition shell holders correct ? How do you use them correctly and not "stress" your press ?

In order for them to work as intended the die and shell holder need to make if not hard contact , at least firm contact or you will not have removed all the slack/flex/deflection in the press . Does this not put an extra load on the press other wise not there when sizing a case when the die and shell holder never touch ? How are you using the comp shell holders ?

When I first got my competition shell holders I actually screwed my die down far enough not to get cam over . What I found was that I was IMO forcing the die and shell holder together harder then needed . I'd size to the stop then give it a little extra push just to be sure . I learned later light cam over takes less effort on my part to size the case then when I had the die a little lower and a hard stop with an extra lean on the press handle .

This is why I keep talking about overly stressing the press . There is likely a load/stress point in which continually operating the press will do damage . The question should be what is the max load your press can continually handle . If light cam over does not get you there then the debate is moot . IMHO I stress my press less when sizing a 308 case with light cam over then if I were sizing a very large case like the 300WM or larger with no cam over and yet presses are designed to size those large cases all day . The largest case I size is a 270 and it is harder/takes more force to size then a 308 and may need twice as much force then a 223 case does .

As far as me/us making sizing a case more complicated then need be . I disagree or at least that's not what my intention is at all . I'm trying to have a better understanding of the issue . Nobody has given me any reason to believe cam over is hard on the press . Is leaning hard on the press arm to where you hear and feel the press snap/pop over the cam over good for the press ? No but that would be overly stressing the press IMO . I personally can barely feel the cam over I have .
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