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Flattening a penny on a train track , brings back memories . What I meant by the nickel was the same as cam over , not a good thing to do .
I have cam over presses; it seems so unfair, my cam over presses are designed to cam over it has always been that way. And then came the 'AND THEN" moment; The Internet was invented.

I posted information about a smith that used an A2 RCBS press; he knew the press was a cam over press, he could never figure out what the cam over press did. Reminds me of a commercial running today about a your child complaining about her mother washing dishes before she loaded the dish washer. And she asked "What does the dish washer do?"

It seems you guys can not figure it out and you do not want anyone else figuring it out and you insist no one else knows.

Again: I have instructions for press operations, Unclenick has instructions for press operations.

I can not believe a simple phrase like adjust the die down 1/4 turn after contact could lock you up or as they say "drive you to the curb".

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