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Let's say I place a nickel 5 cent piece between the shell plate and screwed down die could you make that nickel any thinner without damaging the press?
this is the Internet

I have arbor presses, I have no problem with adding leverage to the handle with a pipe/cheater. I have modified arbore presses to size cases, for me? No problem because the arbor is designed to hold shell holder' because this is the Internet this information was unknown until today. And then there is the something that holds the die and a means for holding the plate that holds the die.

I have used this system when determining the dimensions of an unknow chamber. That requires holding the barrel with a plate with a tapered hole. Now: With the Arbor press there is no such thing as the case winning, I can reduce the case to a slug and If I ever wanted to know how much pressure that requires I would simply add a strain gage marked off in pounds and at the same time I could measure the deflection in thousandths but this is the Internet.

And there are rams that have fittings for pressure gages, that is some scary stuff; I have used a few that went up to 200,000 thousand pounds. that puts a whole new meaning to measure before and again after.

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