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Contrary to popular belief, blue Loctite(242) is actually not the recommended Loctite for gun work.
I think most are aware of Blue and Purple. My question is who doesn't recommend using Blue? Most gunsmiths use Blue and have no problems with it. The description on the label doesn't say to not use Blue, it simply says on the Purple it's for small screw, etc. That does not exclude Blue fo scope bases and screws. Either will work for scope and base mounting. Purple hasn't been around as long as Blue and most people still use the Blue. FWIW, Leupold has a couple of videos out on scope mounting and don't recommend using any LocTite. I suspect LocTite will someday have the entire rainbow sells more products. Avoid Red, it takes around 500 degrees to get it to turn soft enough to let go. Blue and Purple stay pliable enough to get back off with the tools they were put on with.

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