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Originally Posted by Saltydog235
VX-R is VX3 glass with another filter coating and better mechanicals
Where are you finding this info? I've been to the Leupold website and downloaded their 2018 brochure. Everything points to the VX-3i having more upgraded lenses coatings as the VX-R by Leupold description. In fact the VX Freedom (replaced VX-1 & VX-2) and VX-R by Leupold description have the same lense coatings

I'm not going to say much on the mechanicals as the VX-R and VX-3i are different scopes. With a 30mm tube you definitely have more room for more robust mechanicals. However, their is less than 3 oz difference in weight between the 3-9X40 VX-R and the 3.5-10x40 VX-3i. So I have to wonder how much of that is the extra material in the tube and the electronics and battery for the firedot reticle?

Like I said in my first post optics are extremely personal choice. If you feel the VX-R line is a better scope for your money, then who am I to argue. However, I wouldn't say buying a VX-3i is a downgrade. I'd say pick what features are most important to you, and go with that scope.
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