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I spent most of my 30 years as a machinist working in the R+D "Model Shop" developing new products.
Often I worked off crayon and napkin sketches creating from scratch whatever the engineers dreamed up.
I've done the same supporting a University Engineering research center.
I've also listened to a lot of folks tell me what I need to do for them is make this simple little job,you just...…

Creative cranial flatulence is really easy.Its often easiest in bed,in the space between waking and dreaming.

I don't mean to be harsh,but its castles in the air.

You can draw a magnetic breech plug that will pull a steel cartridge from muzzle to breech. Easy.

But if you can't find the energy or creativity to set a steel 1/4-20 nut on a table and see if bore diameter neomidium magnet will even pick up the nut from 6 inches above....something is missing.

Dpris,I agree. Another critical component is identifying or creating a customer need. To be successful,you need a market.
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