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Hopefully,we all get a little creative cranial flatulence once in a while.
Then maybe we filter it through feasibility,etc.

I'm not interested in kicking the slats out of OP's ideas,

The old GyroJet was not electric ignition,but it had a reasonably similar layout to the OP's gun. The ammo was a rocket with helical jets for spin.It had a primer in the base,like a conventional handgun round.

It was magazine fed,like a conventional semi auto. There was a fixed firing pin in the breech face.

There is a hammer that whacks the projectile on the nose,driving it onto the firing pin.The hammer is recocked as the rocket runs over it.

The "barrel" is just a launch tube,that does not contain any pressure.

It was a flop,for a number of reasons.But it did create a stir.
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