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I've had or do have most of those guns myself. I saw a really neat little custom carbine sporter in 221 Rem. It was built on a Fireball action and had a heavy barrel. It was stocked
kinda futuristic with barrel not touching or even surrounding the barre. That was only reason I didn't dicker for it. Didn't need it anyway. What we could use is some like the 218,
256win and some other smaller cartridges. Seems like today they only make Hyper Vel small bores, big magnums or something they can adapt to AR. The 5.7 FN pistol round would be good in a small rifle. I think some small cartridges would be popular. Better than a 22 RF and reloadable. Good rifles in 25/20, 32/20, 218 ect don't last long. A BA in 30 carbine would be another good choice.
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