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Originally Posted by Saltydog235
Same glass, coatings changed. Stretch the budget a little and buy a VX-R to start getting something decent or buy a Weaver Super Slam and save some money. I’m not a Leupold fan at all, I’d look at all my options because frankly, there is better glass to be had in that range if you do some research and shopping.  
I don't disagree as optics are all personal preference, but I don't think adding a 30mm tube and fire dot reticle to a VX2 optics is a huge improvement with the VX-R vs. VX3I. I recently picked up two 3.5-10x40 VX3I rifle scopes for $510 shipped for new in the box optics. I happened to just luck into a online sale and they allowed me to stack a store coupon I had and I got a huge discount. These kind of deals don't happen every day but you don't always have to pay MAP for Leupold optics. You just have to be ready to take advantage of deals when they pop up.

That deal put me about half price of what your discontinued Weaver Super Slam and the current Grand Slam scopes sell for in a comparable power range. They only came in about $60 more than the Weaver Classic V 2-10X38 rifle scope. All in all I'd say I came out alright.
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