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I've seen a couple Savages for sale in 222 Rem this past year.

The others i haven't seen much. Of course they are calibers that i personally don't hold much interest in buying. Hence i'm not looking for them.

The 257 Roberts is still available as a standard chambering in the Kimber Hunter.
I picked up a Ruger 77 MKII in 257 Roberts about 2 years ago.
Love the rifle and the cartridge.
I'm not sure if Ruger still carrys it in their 77 Hawkeye or not.

The 220 Swift was pretty much replaced with the 22-250.
Aside from that, and some still shooting Savage Model 99s you don't see much of the 250-3000.
I got a super deal from E.R. Shaw on a 24" Savage barrel chambered in 250. Screwed it onto my Stevens 200. Shooting slightly elevated pressures (+P) it absolutely loves the 115gr Berger VLD.

Try finding a 257 Kimber sometime. And the rifle that shoots it.
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