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^ This is true.
However the only 1917s that were super hard to a point of being britle as a rule are the Eddystones. And not all of them by a large margin either The Remingtons and the Winchesters were just fine, and yes, they are SUPER strong.
I don't know how the 1917s and 1914s compare to the CZs or the new Japanese Weatherby Mk5s but I can tell you that they are strong in the extreme.
I have seen a number of Remington 721s and 700s destroyed by idiotic hand loaded and by firing wrong ammo, as well as one that was fired with a barrel 1/2 full of ice. The receivers were set-back to a point they were un-salvageable, but in every case but one, all the shooters were unharmed. In the one case that there was bit of harm was the ice filled barrel where the man suffered some injury to his left hand.

In no case wound I say the fault laid with the action's design.

But to come full circle, I have to say the good 1917 and 1914 Enfields are indeed stronger then the M700. So is the CZ 602 and the CZ550. I am betting the Ruger 77 Mk2 is also. So is the Howa. So is the Weatherby Mk-5.

So no, the Rem 700 is NOT the worlds strongest bolt action. Not even in the top 3.

But it is about 50% stronger then it needs to be for any shooter but the most careless, and those that need a stronger action should not be allowed to have a pair of scissors--- let alone a rifle.

Once a rifle action is so strong that you can't blow it up (without liberal amounts of idiocy being added added) I think it's strong enough.

To make a point, I saw a Weatherby Mk5 about 6 years ago that was destroyed by a "hand load". It was a 7MM Weatherby Magnum.

A case full of IMR4198 instead of IMR4831 will do that for you nicely.

Nothing is foolproof because fools are too ingenious.

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