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Originally Posted by Mike38 View Post
At 20% per gun, and even 100% per accessories and clothing, I can not grasp how a Mom & Pop shop can stay open.
Controlling fixed costs(labor, rent, insurance, etc), aggressively attacking their 'target market(not try to be everything to everybody), and customer service..soft goods, accessories, LGS specifics, service and even 'free' advice. Go into a LGS, get a really friendly, informative and accurate conversation from somebody...and lots will have a tendency to return and buy there, even if the $ is higher..Some won' a LGS person's ear off then go buy online..price of biz these days..(don't be one of 'those' guys)

I owned a bicycle shop for almost 15 years..small, personal, very successful...the goals and specifics of retail is the same regardless of what ya sell.

Don't compete with 'them', make them compete with you.'

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