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Ghosts from the past!!!

I am familiar with the BlackDiamond as it was the last MML rifle I owned. So, lets address some of the issues mentioned.
I'm unsure if the plug is a 209 primer or musket cap ignition system
The existing plug will accept a the 209 adaptor nipple as well as the musket and #11. That is one feature that I liked about the BD. the FM threads on the plug are the standard TC 1/4-28 thread. The 209 adaptor will thread right into the plug. The last nipple I used was the TC Musket. That is really all the priming you need. Then the BD came supplied with all three nipples. Except they called the 209, an adaptor

I read on the TC website a different striker is needed?
Not true and wish you could send me that link. You might be refereeing to some of the old Knights.

Now then, you have not mentioned it yet but that plug is going to give you a problem if the overall condition is as you say it is. As far as configuration, you have a back cap with "o"-ring, spring, follower, cocking handle and striker. Pretty simple. When I got rid of my BD, I had spare nipples adaptors and even a new plug. I don't "think" I have anything left except good memories. I you go on eBay you should find all of these spare parts. If you can bring this one back you will enjoy it and it has a fie trigger. ….

The only part I see missing from my previous explanation, is the follower; ..

Good luck, let us know how you mad out and;
Be Safe !!!
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