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TC Black Diamond question...

I just acquired an older TC BD .50, that was given to me as non functional. It was pretty corroded, I have scrubbed it out thoroughly with BP bore cleaner and a brush and it now cocks, fires, is clean, and I can blow air from the muzzle through the plug, etc. I'm wondering if any owners of similar TC's can post pictures of your plug and striker system, as I'm not familiar with inline systems (previously only owning flintlocks and percussion weapons over the past 35 years). And, I have difficulty posting photos of mine, it says the pics are too large.
I'm unsure if the plug is a 209 primer or musket cap ignition system. I know it's too big to be a number # 11 cap and there is no nipple. The previous owner couldn't recall, but thinks it takes shotgun primers, wasn't sure, it was his Dad's, who stopped using it years ago. I have read a different striker system is needed for 209 primers, but can't find pictures of what the striker and plug look like. My breach face is flat with a very small, almost small nail / needle point sized striker. Plug has a spring with four grooves cut into the sides? Can anyone offer some guidance? I'm thinking if still accurate, it may make a nice late season deer rifle. Thanks in advance!

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