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When in doubt, let it pass

There are a lot of good tips in the previous replies and I only add that if in doubt, Let it pass. I too pay attention to the cackle and long tail feathers and most of the time, can see the head coloring and ring. I once shot a rooster that did not have any tail feathers to speak of and it didn't cackle but I could make out the coloring. It was a young rooster that had not feathered out completely. Don't know if I'd take that shot, today. …..

My buddy and I invited two friends from Alabama to an Iowa Pheasant hunt. We had to review how to tell the difference between a rooster a hen and if we flushed a hen, we would holler out "HEN". Anything else was fair game. Four in-line with the Alabama boys, in the middle. two roosters flushed up, along the line. Neither I or my buddy took the shot and the Alabama boys followed suit. Finally my buddy hollerd out; "SHOOT". Turns out that they held back because we didn't shoot. We were trying to be good hosts and this time it didn't work out ..

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