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Seems like most of we posters are retired? 2AM and 3AM are not sleeping, yes?

In Liverpool speak, legging it! Is most likely the way to go. As using the leave the scene controls on your vehicle. Accelerate, away from this weird situation.

Having 16 rounds of Ranger T 147g hollow points, sitting in my Glock 19 4th gen Glock. The one threat situation I envisage, is possibly not vehicle use at all, but rather being out and about, parking lot maybe?

As my Wife of 25 years is normally hand in hand, hi heels an all. My only worry, is she be kept safe.
If I have to place more than one hit on a couple of ill-informed criminals "Old guys with white beards are easy pickings"

The most concern of mine would be taking cover, and hoping my Cell phone call to 911, could be heard by me! 9mm is noisy.

Not talking to Police is a no-brainer, getting to a Hospital is a good idea, at 82 years of age, and 2 stents fitted in 2011, even though no further problems have surfaced. Parra Medics tend to take your blood pressure first thing after they have ascertained you have no extra holes in you! In the case of an armed encounter.

Which has happened to me already, almost head-on collision? Boxing day 2015. Blood pressure through the roof, off to local Hospital. I was on my own in the Jeep at the time.
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