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I had posted this in one of the other threads, but I figured I'd repeat it here.

Like SVTCobra306 I had luck earlier this week at Bass Pro with .45 ACP. Lots of WWBs, Remington UMC, etc. It was like the good old days, at least for .45.

Today I scored a WWB of 9mm at Wally World. $22.97 for 100 rounds, and I left one on the shelf for the next guy.

This is in south Texas. We were slow to feel the panic (I was buying WWBs of .40 and .45 at Wally World well into January), but when it hit everything dried up completely. This is the first I have seen that things might be getting back to normal. Well, not normal, but some popular calibers actually staying on the shelves for a while.
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