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A little late for this, but Monday I was in Bass Pro in Council Bluffs, IA and they had a lot of 100 packs of .45 ACP Winchester White Box, they also had a bunch of 5.56 Winchester 20 packs, but I'm sure the 5.56 was gone by Tuesday.

I also found some primers at a place in Omaha called Guns Unlimited, they had several bricks of CCI#34's which people seemed to be leaving unmolested, and they had a brick worth of WLR primer sleeves at the front counter.. I bought half of it and left half for the next guy. Again not sure if any has lasted, but they talked like the WLR's had been there a while. It looked like they had a decent amount of powder too.

Also in Omaha I've been regularly seeing some powder at Cabela's. I've gotten H335 and Benchmark there in the last month, they have usually had some H380 and H4895 too, and they had a whole stack of AR Series RCBS .223 dies there.

It is good to see things coming into the retail stores.. everyone be diligent and buy it retail, the more that happens the faster the scalpers get the carpet snatched from under them and the faster the shortage can pass.
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