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I am not really one who reads into every situation like some sort of commando operation. I don't really think that the whole AAR or DGU applies, its just not that deep.

You shot some dogs that ( in your view) needed to be dispatched. You did so at 100+ yard and used a rifle which was plenty capable of doing the job at that distance. This stuff isn't rocket science and what this story indicates to me is that you have a decent grasp of marksmanship as well as functional prowess with your AR.

I don't think this is about ammo selection, shooting style or equipment selection. You could have used any ole 5.56 ammo and likely accomplished the same thing. As far as shooting style goes, you either know how to shoot your rifle in a decent manner or you don't. In regards to equipment selection goes, just about any old rifle can dispatch game the size of dogs. I wouldn't carry a 22LR as a truck gun and neither would most people.

I agree with the suggestion that people need to pay attention and at least consider briefly what it is they are seeing. I will say that when people get too caught up in the whole (situational awareness jazz) can actually begin to see a boogieman behind every blade of grass. Trying too hard to see and detect everything can easily cause an overload of irrelevant static. Most people simply need to make a reasonable effort to remain open and aware of things happening around them. The easiest way to accomplish this is to avoid distractions such as phones, tech and other split attention tasks.

The whole "shoot till they go down" ..I am not sure if you mean focus on the (1) until it drops or if you simply mean keep shooting at all the targets. I guess I will reserve comment until I figure out the context
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