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1.) It takes a while to process the unexpected...
Excellent observation. IMO, it's not necessary to go through life continually EXPECTING trouble (condition orange or yellow or red, or whatever) it's a huge step to merely NOT expect things to always go smoothly.

In other words, don't go through life expecting trouble--that's stressful. Don't go through life expecting things to always be fine. This delays constructive action while you get your mindset aligned to reality. Instead, go through life with the understanding that reality is fluid. Things can be perfectly fine one moment and tremendously screwed up the next.

When things go haywire, this mindset allows you to adjust rapidly to the new reality.

This helps understand how to prepare and how important preparation is. When reality changes and things go from normal to seriously messed up, it's not enough to rapidly grasp the situation, you need to have the means to respond effectively.
On a side note, they say the person you’ll most likely have to defend yourself against is someone you know, possibly even someone you’re friendly with.
A really good exercise in readiness and preparation is to understand and contemplate the fact that while we mostly think about deadly danger coming from strangers or wild animals, the reality is that it is more likely to come from an acquaintance or relative, or someone's pet.

This is where someone who isn't really interested in being prepared past the tacticool aspects of it will jump the track. They want to think about shooting bears/mountain lions or goblins/badguys. It's not fun to think about the reality that when things really go south they are more likely to be called upon to shoot a doggie or Cousin Frank, not a bear or some big, scary, tattooed escaped prisoner high on animal tranquilizers.
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