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Originally Posted by MagnumWill View Post
Originally Posted by dogtown tom
Absolutely not.
A firearm serial number has absolutely nothing to do with whether a firearm is a handgun/rifle/shotgun/silencer/etc
That is extraordinary false. Go buy a standard Mossberg 500 and if you throw a Shockwave barrel/grip on it doesn't suddenly make it a Shockwave. It makes it a prison sentence....

Originally Posted by dogtown tom
it may subsequently be reconfigured as a rifle or other firearm and later be configured back to pistol.
Also alarmingly false. Someone who obviously never heard the term "once a rifle, always a rifle" yet decides to post in the NFA forum...

Is it lunacy? OF COURSE. It is the law? Yes, unfortunately.
No, Tom is correct. You’re the one who shouldn’t be posting bad information in the NFA forum.

First, a serial number itself has zero bearing on what type of firearm it is. Take my Aero lower receiver I have lying around that I haven’t built yet: If I build it first as a pistol then I can always switch it back and forth between being a pistol or a rifle. If I build it first as a rifle, then I can’t ever build it as a pistol. The serial number has zero effect on that, it’s all in how I build it.

Your example of the Mossberg 500 doesn’t have anything to do with the serial number. The 500 in your example can’t be made into a Shockwave “firearm” because the manufacturer built it as a shotgun first, not because of what the serial number is.

And as far as your “once a rifle, always a rifle” comment, that went away a long time ago. If you’ve never heard of ATF Ruling 2011-4 then you’re way behind on your NFA knowledge and you should read up before you post advice on these matters.
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