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I shot this 100 yard five shot group with a Ruger #1 falling block single shot rifle in .22 Hornet.
Yes, a Ruger #1
Yes, a .22 Hornet
Reloaded ammo, neck sized only, longer than factory OAL, just enough to bump into the rifling. You can do that with single shots, there's no magazine that the rounds have to fit into. Your pockets are the magazine.
This was shot in a 100 yard indoor range with zero crosswinds to worry about.

Can it be done with .30 caliber bullets? Probably. Less wind drift than a 40 grain .22 bullet too. I have never equaled this group when shooting outdoors with wind and all that. I might have to try making myself some wind flags to place downrange so I can tell when to hold my fire.

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