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One hundred yard bench rest

Due to traveling distance, I rarely shoot at more than one hundreds yards. I reload my ammo and have a few questions for the 100 yard shooter.

I shoot the following.
Winchester 700, 30 06, 1 in 10 twist
Ruger Precision, 6.5 Creedmoor' 1 in 8 twist
Home built AR15 223 with 24 inch Bull Barrel, 1 in 8 twist

My questions are about bullet weight at this short distance. With the Winchester I average about 1-1/2 inch for each 3 shot group. Not too bad for a hunting rifle. Have tried several different bullet weights and powder brands and various weights.

I consistently shoot 1/2 inch groups and less with the Creedmoor and the AR15, using bullets in the around the top weights of both. Have several single hole groups in both of these guns. All signed by witness.

What I want to ascertain is, should I be looking at heavy or light bullets for short distance shooting. I've told that you need to use heavy bullets for long distance, because they take longer to stabilize.

If this sounds confusing to you sorry. At 81 years old, I have only been loading and shooting for two years but at the range at least twice a week.
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