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I figured that this situation has happened to others before me, and apparently, has happened before me, as detailed by MC.

I am not going to be shooting four times a week, every week. This is my new found exuberance, as I these are my first machine guns, so I am going to the range practically every other day. As the newness wears off, I will go back to my usual range habit of once a week.

The lady is not a nutcase, actually, they're very nice and respectable people. I wanted to ask who was there first, but it is not an issue I wanted to touch.

My main concern is that she will complain loudly enough that the owner will say that the F/A option is not a big enough part of his business for the headache from this neighbor, so he will ban F/A. That's my main reason for my diplomatic speech with her. I could have told her to go pound sand, but then she would have started to hate me as "that guy". I am trying to be diplomatic and telling her that the range brings taxes to the city, that legal machine guns are the best behaved class of weapons, that shooting stops right at sun down, that we never shoot over the berms, but respectfully, this is the only range that allows F/A fire, so I have to kindly decline her request.

I am really concerned that this neighbor will cause the owners to change their minds as to the F/A option. As to who was there first, I am pretty sure the houses were there first. That is just a guess based on the newness of the range compared to the older looking country houses. It makes me wonder how the city council approved this range to be so close to these houses.

As to someone's suggestion that I buy my own land, that is a bit ridiculous. Land ownership involves more than just cost, it involves maintenance and other efforts and liabilities.

I think that if the neighbors bring it up again, I will just be less diplomatic.
Have a good day!
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