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What lifestyle do you really want?

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one, young man.
The reason you and I and all the other members of TFL and many Americans like us are "discussing these issues" is because we have taken the moral high ground, therefore it is incumbent upon us to show more restraint in handling ourselves.
When I first went into Apache territory, I wondered that with all our might, why we just didn't pull the troops out and nuke the whole mess into h#@l! That way we could save a lot of American men and women's lives and we could all go home.
When I learned to fight Charlie his way, then we were on the offensive, we took control, and we determined when engagement happened rather than just slogging through the boonies hoping to run into a contingent of the NVA. I was becoming a happy camper.
When I got stateside, when I got back to the "real" world, then i saw that Americans had rules, that we needed to follow the rules and i couldn't apply what I had learned over there to over here. I learned that what I fought for over there....was to preserve the "ideals" of the American way.
Through quite a bit of American history, we strayed often but we kept coming back to preserve the American way of life....the rest of the world, little by little, seems to be evolving that way to some degree.
This country has something of what all people in this planet seem to want...each has his/her ideal.
For me, it means if I am to be a "civilized" American, I play by the rules; I stay within the law;...etc..,etc..
It means, I don't "zap" my boss because he is trying to fire me. It means i don't set up an ambush for the local gang guys that just tried to attack my means I uphold this Constitution and the Bill of Rights on which this country was founded.
Even if it means I have to be defensive and in siege mode....I don't have to like it, but there are ways within this system that you can fight back...and that's the trick, Hing dai, we fight within the system and if we don't like it we try to change the system...legally....and together.

Sorry about the soap box. You and I have talked on E-mail, we owe it to ourselves and our future to take the moral high ground. All of us do. Keep the faith.
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