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I'm the person who posted the firing ports (murder holes) in the floor/ceiling. But that was in response to someones query about defensive architecture in castles and so I related how murder holes were a common feature and how they could POSSIBLY be added to ones home if one were so paranoid (scared) as to want them.

Personally, I think a lot of stuff here IS excessive paranoia. I don't even own a gun (I'm VERY pro-gun so don't start on that), let alone building firing ports in my house. And a lot of the scenarios I've seen posted here seem like excerises in mental masturbation.

Typical scenario:

You're at (popular place with lots of crowds/dark deserted place/wherever) with your (girlfriend/family/whoever) when (wacko/terrorist/gangsta'/BG/whatever) armed with (silenced pistol/machine gun/bazooka) (waves it around/opens fire/takes hostages/whatever).

You are armed with only your trusty (insert favorite gun here) with one spare clip. There's (1,2, whole gang) of the (wacko/terrorist/gangsta'/BG)'s .

What do you do?

No matter what the scenario the replies always break down to either run away and call 911 or take out the bad guy (guys) yourself.

Personally, no matter what the situation I'm saving me and my family, everyone else is cannon fodder/decoy targets for the (wacko/terrorist/gangsta'/BG) as far as I'm concerned. If I have to push them between me and the BG to stop a bullet, oh well.
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