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Ok, in this forum we have seen discussions on what the ideal means of defense in:

(1) Houses
(2) Cars
(3) Weapons (CCW etc)
(4) Multiple scenarios (work, leisure)

What I see happening is more description of steps that take Condition Yellow to a siege mentality that would put the most rabid survivalist or 50s atomic fallout bunker digger guru to total shame. At least, that's what I'm starting to think of ... firing ports in roofs notwithstanding (forgot who suggested it but no offense is intended at all ok?) it's nice to be able to live a normal life whatever that is nowadays ...

Is it worth it to you? Do you want to live in a modern-day Krak de Chevaliers, drive the urban equivalent of a WW1 dreadnought, walk around your home in pajamas toting shotguns and carbines, treat every trip to the supermarket like a supply run across the Volga to Stalingrad? Does your life warrant such measures?

I don't see people here as being like that. I'm trying to point out, say, that it is easy to talk about setting claymores in your driveway, but to actually think it is a good idea? Would you rig landmines in suburbia? Tripwires leading to shotguns? As a matter of conjecture ... what is the border between paranoia and reasonable preparation, what to you is really good defensive common sense?
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