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Sorry to sound so cold, but unless it's someone breaking into my house, I could care less what is going on outside.

There is nothing in my yard, (Jeep Included) worth going out and possibly getting killed, maimed, crippled, or, you have a gremlin who "knows" where you live. Are you prepared for the sliced tires, the spray paint on the side of the house?

Gremlins have nothing to lose...Gremlins have all of them are going to think your a S---thead and want to cause you problems!

Possibly a tennis ball filled with gas, wrapped with fuse and dipped in tar and tossed into the gutter system of your house. It just depends on how far this gremlin wants to carry the have no INTEL on said gremlin...he knows where you live, how many people in your house, ages, probably where you work, where the kids go to school...get involved over the neighbors car, not gonna happen!
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