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I received the same rifle about a month ago.Weather has not been real good lately.Might shoot it tomorrow.

My suspicion:A Criterion barrel is probably at least as good as a new original It is a subdiidiary of Kreiger,and,while its not a Kreiger,I suppose they know how to make a barrel.At least,as a new barrel,you do not have to wonder what the segmented steel cleaning rod and muzzle cleaning have done.

I'm not a Garand expert,you have two,I just got one.I suspect the stock straightness and stability,the finer points of fitting,the trigger group clamp up,etc are going to have more influence on final accuracy than a fancier barrel'

In any case,its not a benchrest gun.It will be a good day if I get to be skilled enough at position shooting that I believe the accuracy of my rifle is a limiting factor.I'll worry about it then!
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