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I don't own any rifles -- only two 9mm pistols, a .22 LR pistol, and a 12 gauge pump shotgun -- and I am starting to save up in order to change this.

This will be for general purpose use. I don't hunt. Mostly for fun/plinking and target shooting. Self-defense/home defense -- not it's primary use, but being effective/useful for this would be nice.

Price range: around $1,000 would be great. Around $1,500 would be fine as well. Absolute upper limit is $2,000.

Here are some of the guns I am considering:

AR-15. There's a reason why AR-15's are so popular. Lots of fun, very accurate, and ammunition is pretty cheap. About the only downside is the .223/5.56mm being underpowered compared to the other rifles on my list. This could obviously be fixed by getting a .308 (or similar) upper and switching back and forth as needed, but doing so could easily exceed my $2,000 limit.

M1 Garand. Most likely the CMP "Special" grade, which uses an original receiver, but is newly refinished, and fitted with a new production stock and barrel. It's an absolutely gorgeous rifle, and only costs $1,000. Downside is the fixed magazine and 8-round capacity, but if it was good enough for WWII soldiers, it should be more than enough for me, right?

Springfield M1A. This will definitely be cutting it close price-wise. A bit less recoil than the M1 Garand because it's chambered for the .308 Winchester instead of the .30-06. Detachable magazines are a plus.

Ruger Gunsite Scout. It's an interesting concept. Bolt-action .308 with a 10-round detachable magazine. Forward-mounted scope rail. Cost is reasonable, and I like the black laminated wood stock.

Another option would be to get 2 rifles -- an AR-15 in .223/5.56mm, and a bolt-action rifle in a larger caliber. This would also be cutting it close in regards to price.

Basically, what I am asking is this: If you could own only 1 rifle, what would it be, and why?
Excellent thread topic. I too am a pistol shooter and am interested in a rifle in the near term.
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