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Basically, what I am asking is this: If you could own only 1 rifle, what would it be, and why?
I was a 1 rifle, 1 shotgun and 1 handgun guy for may years.

The handgun: Glock 21
The shotgun: M1 Super 90
The rifle: M1A Scout (2001)

I chose the robust, reliable and accurate M14 type rifle because they were just starting a renaissance period.
The renaissance period is ongoing and it has resulted in many innovations and improvements to the platform.
Fast forward a decade and I've added a few .45 ACP Glock pistols, I still have the M1 Super 90 and currently own a
few custom built M14s with 16.25", 18.0" and 22.0" barrels... you can't have just one, but it's a great place to start.

My advice:
Invest in an M14 rifle.
Don't get stuck on brand name or having a brand new rifle.
Shop for a pre-owned M1A (Springfield) or M14 (Poly Tech, Norinco, LRB, SEI etc...).
Look for one that has USGI and SEI parts (bolt, op rod & trigger group).
... the 18.0" Bush, Scout and MK14 Mod 0 & Mod 1 are my personal favorites.

I hope that helped and good luck.

The first real rifle I shot was the M1 Garand, I've owned many ARs (15 & 10) and
I also owned several AKM and MAK-90. I still own a 7.62 AKM and a 5.56 AR-100.

I did own a 10/22 for a short time... sold it and don't miss it at all.


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