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If your dead set on getting one of those I would go with the AR-15. You could spend anywhere from $700 on a bare bones AR to $1400 on a top of the line Colt. The .223 isn't a .308 but it will definitely do more damage then you would think. A bullet going 3,000+ FPS that explodes on contact can cause some nasty wounds. Just think a shotgun slug that turns into buckshot once it enters the ... animal. You could also get the decent AR and get another upper for it for the same cost as 1 Colt.

If your open to other suggestions I would consider an AK. They are really fun, extremely reliable and rock solid. Again, you can spend anywhere from $500 on a basic WASR-10 to ~$1,000+ on a Vepr or Arsenal. Personally I wouldn't spend more then $600 on an AK knowing that you can buy fully automatic ones in the middle east for $50. You could also get a nice bolt action, an Uzi, a Mac 10, pretty much anything for $1,000-$2,000 really.

If I had $1,000 to spend I would get a nice AK and spend the rest on ammo and magazines. Just remember that you want to leave at least a few hundred dollar leeway for extra magazines and ammo no matter what you get. Also, keep in mind that usually AKs aren't as accurate as the ARs but they make up for it in firepower.
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