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You can Google: Trigger job M91-30...but I would not go below a 3 or a 3.5 pound trigger pull.

Before I bought my M91-30 sniper from a gunsmith...he had the trigger dangerously down to about a 2 ounce crisp trigger pull. I had to buy a new trigger leaf spring, from Numrich Gun Parts. A little polishing will help...but I would not overdue it. C&R matches have a trigger pull pound limit which might be a 3 or a 3.5 pound limit, but I'm not sure which is which.

You should perform a drop test with any Mosin that you buy --- or any trigger work that has been done on it. Probably any gun --- with enough force --- will fail a drop test...but I could fire my Mosin, with a 2 ounce trigger pull, just by slapping the heel of my hand on the rear of the Mosin's bolt; with the safety off.

Do a drop test --- with an unloaded gun {safety off} --- by shoving the butt of the Mosin stock, onto a hard padded surface, from about 1 foot in height. It should not trip the sear. I'm no gunsmith or expert.

When Westinghouse built M91-30's for Russia, here in the U.S. --- they had a uniformed Czar Russian inspector --- who always drop tested the newly manufactured Mosin's at the factory. The U.S. workers, decided to play a trick on putting a live 7.62x54 round in the chamber, on an over polished trigger group on a Mosin. The unknowing Czar inspector drop tested that Mosin... and was startled to have the gun discharge, with the bullet hitting the roof.
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