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I am becoming more interested in shooting beyond 300 and even 500 yards, all the way out to 1,000 and have been looking in to ways to do this with the Swift
Congratulations! I have a few questions for you:
* How well versed are you shooting long distance (in excess of 600 yds)? Everyone wants to run with the big dogs, but many do not want to do the work required to be there. Building the rifle is just the beginning, you cannot buy your way to technical expertise. You will have to spend hours and hours loading, actually firing at range, learning about atmospheric conditions, ballistics, optics, and some fairly basic math. Out to 600 yds is no big deal, the next step brings on more challenges. I am by no means an excellent shot, although many of my friends and acquaintances who don't shoot very often think I am, but I only got as good as I am by practicing.

* How well versed are you doing load development? In addition to rebarreling with a 1:6" or 1:7" twist barrel, you will also need to develop loads from scratch, there is very little small caliber/heavy bullet load information available, so you will have to start from scratch. It is very doable, but you will have to do the testing and load development yourself (a ballistics program like QuickLoad will definitely help, as will a chronograph that can be equipped with a strain gauge).

* Do you have the time and money required to be competitive, or is this just for a hobby/just to say you have done it? Driving to match locations can take a significant amount of both time and money, so serious competitors spend a lot of the time between matches getting ready for the next match. Maybe you could get in touch with Zak Smith on this forum or someone at one of the gun clubs that host F-Class matches and get more input from someone who actually participates in these kinds of events.

I shot an F Class (kind of) match with it using 52 gr. hollowpoints (300 meters or 328 yds).
Sorry, that is not an F-Class match. That is like going to Malibu Grand Prix and saying it is the same as driving at Sebring just with smaller cars. Fun? No doubt. Same? Mmmmmm . . . no.
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