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Filled The Tag

I did get a deer this year, a couple of weeks ago in fact. I didn't post sooner because of work, and pictures will follow ASAP.

I used my Remington 742 in . 280. The bullet was a Nosler 150 grain Ballistic Tip. The shot was taken at about fifty yards. She dropped on the spot.

It was a bizzare hunt to say the least. My cousin went along, he is the deer expert of the family. We started in this one area. The only deer we were seeing were way out of range for anything except a BMG type round. We walked up this hill when we spotted two does approaching us from below. We parked our butts behind this tree. The two deer were slowly but surely coming towards us. We figured another twenty minutes they would have been in range. That is when two hunting parties and ATV's rolled by and scared the deer away. We decided to move to another area.

As we began our hike, a good size doe was walking by me at less then thirty yards. She was going so slow that it was pretty much going to be the equivalent of a standing shot. I raised my rifle, steadied the scope, pull the trigger, and heard a sickening click sound. I hadn't seated the magazine all the way and the bolt didn't chamber a round. That was better then my first though, I was thinking the gun was broken. We looked around for about an hour and decided to break for lunch as it was approaching noon.

On the way back to the truck my cousin tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "look", two does. This time I got it! The truck was less then twenty feet away. In fact, we just backed it up to the kill.

I want to thank everyone for their tips and suggestions here. Like I said, I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance. By the way, she we ended up with about a hundred pounds of fantastic venison.
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