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My thoughts will be unpopular with some but hear them nonetheless. Don't take risks with your kids safety. There is nothing in this world worth that risk.

I was around guns my entire life. My dad taught me all the rules. He told me he would let me see and handle the guns whenever I wanted and he did. He told me that he would warm my britches if he caught me looking at the guns with out his permission. And, he would have. But, he never caught me. I knew where he hid the keys to the gun safe and sometimes when he was gone I got in to the guns just to examine them and touch them. I was a good kid--not in trouble much, honor roll, boy scout, etc.

And as for the top closet shelf, I'm raisng my third boy. Two out of three have known what's in every drawer of my room and on every closet shelf. They snoop. I periodically find my clothes hamper turned backward with the lid opening facing the wall because some boy has dragged it into the closet to climb on it and explore the top shelf. Don't take the chance.

I lock my guns when I'm not in the house. All guns have trigger locks and the guns themselves are locked. Remembering what I did as a kid, the keys go with me when I leave the house so my kids can't find them and practice what I believe is normal children's curiosity. (It's the same reason, I'm peeking in your medicine cabinet when I use your bathroom while visiting!)

The gun is either on me under my control or closely accessible, unlocked and ready, but out of plain sight when I am sleeping.

Be safe. Your kids are a precious gift. We want kids to be curious because it drives learning. Curiosity is a good thing and natural. But we need to not take unnecessary risks.


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