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It appears thing are getting better for supply but not as much for pricing yet after initial drop when Remington came back online 24/7.

Right now the ammo manufacturers are pouring sand into a big hole and every time they pour another big bag the sand disappears but it is starting to backup. Once the middle man sellers become flush with ammo that they have a hard time moving and retailers that buy direct are with full shelves and displays the hole will become full of sand and backup at the manufacturers end. That is when we will finally see much better pricing as they decide to cut wholesale pricing/make deals and sell their excess sand to the likes of SGAmmo and Target Sports for really good prices. At this point no one knows when that will happen but IMHO it is going to be a while yet and maybe well into 2022 or even 2023. It does appear that most buyers are now just buying what they need at current pricing rather than all they can. The amount of YT videos about "ammo scores" are down to a trickle of what they had been and the long early morning lines of hopeful ammo buyers at big box stores have disappeared too.
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