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Originally Posted by FireForged
As Bugs would say :"What a MAROON!"
Please remember that the bugs cartoon is very old and although I am sure the meaning is not intended to be be racial. Using a word which does have a historical meaning referring to slaves- can be taken the wrong way.

I used the word quite often as a kid from hearing it on the cartoons but sometime in the 90s I was cautioned about its historical meaning

Just to pile on a little, first we should remember that maroon is a shade of deep red, it is NOT in any way a shade of black -- or even brown.

Second: I'm 75 years old. Your comment is the very first time I have ever seen/heard anyone suggest that Bugs Bunny's use of "maroon" was anything other that an intentional (by the cartoonists) mispronunciation of the word "moron." To the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever claimed that it had any racial overtones. I know for a fact that I have used it (in my best Bugs Bunny imitation accent) in the presence of persons of color, and nobody has ever expressed any sense of having been offended.

This "historical meaning" of which you speak, I'm sorry to inform you, does not exist.
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