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Then IMO the point your really drove home was, why bother trying to do everything straight and by the book, when even if you do everything above board by a good margin, there's still so many dishonest lawyers around who will attack you in court with their lies. And you, in response, will have to show them for the liars they are: the courtroom version of "stand your ground".

Hey, it's a good point to make. That's a fair description IMO of exactly what the prosecutors tried to pull in the Zimmerman-Martin case (though, of course, Zimmerman didn't have to take the stand).
you really don't want to have to do it in court.
You know, you may be finally beginning to understand me.

You're right: I REALLY do NOT want to defend myself in court. In fact, I REALLY do NOT want to get into any altercation at all. So, I REALLY do NOT want to get into a situation where I'm attacked with deadly force, and I REALLY do NOT want to use deadly force to defend myself.

However, someday some violent miscreant(s) attacking me might force me to do what I REALLY did NOT want to do, despite my best efforts to stay alert, and avoid, and get away. And then some miscreant with a law degree attacking me with lies might also force me to do what I REALLY did NOT want to do.

I knew all that already.

I guess, compared to all that, the fact that I also REALLY did NOT want my character called into question by some guy on the internet distorting my words--just so he could make (he thinks) some point--pales in comparison, huh? What you REALLY did NOT want has nothing to do with whether or nor someone attacks you for no reason.

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