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Originally Posted by 44 AMP

The human body is a contact weapon, capable of delivering lethal force.

Much as I hate all the BS involved with the Zimmerman case, boil it down, and one guy was beating the other guy's head against the pavement. No ADDITIONAL weapon was needed for that attack to be life threatening, and justifying deadly force as a response.

Even the law recognizes that an "unarmed" man is always "armed" with the capability of inflicting deadly force, though it uses "disparity of force" to determine what charges, if any should be brought, after the fact.
Absolutely. I never implied that an "unarmed" attacked was not a deadly threat. There had better be a fairly obvious disparity of force though.

If you quoted the whole sentence, I think there would be less of an issue.
If the attacker has a contact weapon and is close enough to use it, "too close" should not even come into the equation.
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