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Yes Jim, Dave and I have talked . . . . . a little !! Lol!!

Jim, thanks for the Kudos!!

Jack, the adjustable screw is for the wedge, not the arbor length. Folks tend to get this confused. Once the arbor length is fixed, it's fixed, there's no need for any adjustment. You gain access to the set screw through the end of the arbor. The position of the wedge can be adjusted to the users preference. If your Walker is holstered on your right, the wedge may be troublesome when re-holstering. Adjusting for the wedge to seat deeper will keep it from snagging the holster. Likewise for other open tops worn on the left.

I will say that Colts instructions say to "Drive" the wedge out and in. To me, that means more than finger tight. Light to medium loads are probably ok for " finger tight " but full time max loads with heavy bullets will loosen up a wedge that has minimum force holding it in position. I set all of my customers (and mine) revolvers up for max load usage.

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