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Simple -- you (I) shoot long guns right-eyed, and handguns left-eyed.
I am right-handed and left eye dominant. I found it much easier and more accurate to shoot long guns left-handed with my left eye sighting through the scope or on the beads or iron sights, and to shoot hand-guns with my right hand and both eyes open with the left eye dominating the sighting (obviously). Doing the opposite, as you suggest, wasn't natural or accurate. When I confronted being left-eye dominant over 60 years ago it seemed very easy to shoot a .22 rifle accurately left-handed (although it was a right-handed, single shot bolt action.) In short, it was much easier to shoot left-handed accurately than right-handed despite the initial awkwardness of learning to shoot left-handed. The same is true for my compound bows. I can't swing a baseball or softball bat left-handed, but shooting a bow left-handed was easy because of my dominant left eye. I even suspect my cross-dominance adversely affected my golfing right-handed (at least that is my excuse.)
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