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I suppose I could append my earlier comments a bit.

For some months when I wasn't doing more than occasional and comparatively 'light' range sessions, I was carrying either a J-frame, or else a G26/27 or 3913 when I felt a larger, heavier gun might be more practical, or at least desirable.

Since I'm back up to again shooting approx 500 - 1,000 rounds per month (after a brief hiatus from working as a firearms instructor & armorer after my retirement), I'm back to carrying one or another of a number of different pistols with which I'm again doing a fair amount of shooting.

For example, I'm now somewhere between the 1,500 - 2,000 round point with my M&P 40c, having been working with it to reach the same familiarity and level of performance I prefer when using a light gun chambered in the harder recoiling .40 S&W cartridge.

Just the other day another instructor wandered over after watching me doing some rapid shooting & movement drills with my M&P 40c, asking me if I was shooting one of my 9mm's. It seems he thought I'd been shooting a 9mm because of the speed and accuracy I'd demonstrated (he's seen me shoot some of my smaller 9mm's). He was surprised it was a .40, and I was pleased that it had seemed to him like I was shooting my .40 fast, controllably and acurately enough to make it appear I was shooting one of my 9mm's.

Snappy little guns, the smaller .40's ...

The plus side of working with them is that it seems to improve my shooting with my 9mm's and .45's.
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