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I shoot handgun groups to test ammo and the gun and they are always 5-shot. Using a mechanical rest you still have to change magazines and I always check the torque on the rest when I change mags. If you move the gun in the rest changing mags and/or change torque on the screws it will change the impact point from previous groups which has nothing to do with the performance of the ammo-firearm combination. If the gun shoots a 2" group @ 50 yards and then after the magazine change it shoots a 2.25" group but the group center moved an inch left, the inch move had nothing to do the firearm or ammo but moved because of disturbing the rest. In testing you have to do your best to remove all of the outside variables and get to just the gun and ammo. If I shot 50-shot groups you will be wasting ammo more than getting information. Now if you are testing the rest, your procedures will change to reflect that. YMMV
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