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A question of faith...

The Constitution is just a "piece of paper" but the concepts and ideas on that paper are real, but only when one has faith in them.

The supreme law of the land is just that. When people in or out of government decide that it does not apply to them and theirs, it is up to us, as a nation, through our lawfull representatives, to teach them the error of their ways, by all legal means. And that does include all options, even force, if necessary.

Remember the oath, including the part about "all enemies, foreign and domestic". Some people never took that seriously. Some people did,and still do.

Currently one hears so much talk about what is Constitutional, or what isn't. Recently the Supreme Court has made decisions which seem to fly in the face of logic about some laws. Trust in our system is at a very low point.

Any tax is an imposition, an infringement, if you will. But, it will be argued that even a tax that makes exercising your right onerous financially, if it does not fully prohibit that exercise, is "Constitutional". In other words, as long as you can exercise your right in some form, they consider it ok.

We have a right to keep and bear arms. But we do not have a right to any and every gun we might want, at an affordable price. The Constitution does not specify guns, it says arms. SO some will argue that taxing guns out of existance is ok, so long as we can have swords and bows. Personally, I disagree with that, but there are people who would make that argument.

The devil in the details for the 2nd Amendment boils down to a definition of "infringed". And our high court has already stated that some restrictions (infringements) are to be permitted the government. That is a done deal, and you won't change that, until or unless a future high court overrules it. Period.
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