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It's somewhat a stretch of faith to believe just where or when the use of "deadly force" can be legally used here in Colorado - plus, interpretation of just what that is and were it can be used is decided mostly by anyone from LEOs to "dog catchers" - rather that by the DA or courts.

I might add that our Humane Society requires anyone adopting a dog to take that dog through obedience school - hopefully to prevent dogs out of control - dunno if it works as intended - "You can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink ........." but is a step in the right direction. If I recall correctly, the cost of obedience school was included in the adoption fee and would be refunded when the new owner produced evidence that dog had finished ("passed?") obedience shcool (same thing for neutering the adoptee).

For example, Colorado has the "Make My Day" law - also known as the "Castle Doctrine" which allows use of deadly force if one is attacked in their residence.

An attempt to amend that law to extend that right so one could use that same "lethal force" to defend one's business and self in that business - failed to pass in our legislature - another great example of our lawmaker's grasp of reality or common sense since we have legal concealed carry in this state - which must be interpreted as it being legal to use "Lethal Force" to defend oneself on the street - or anywhere you perceive your life to be threatened - but not in his/her place of business?????. It must take a very high level legal mind to understand that.

It hasn't been too many years since a liquor store owner was killed by thieves robbing his store and he was trying to prevent that.
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