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The victim dog required 7 staples to close its wound - meaning the laceration was probably less than 1 1/2" long.
And from your post
In summary, we really don't know the attacking dog was "vicious" or territorial but we do know the owner is guilty of not having her dog under control - as the law requires. Gut feeling goes with the victim dog's owner but, I feel it could have been handled much better and effectively - without questionable legality of discharging his gun in city limits - where using lethal force really only covers protecting human life.
And also from your post;
It seems to be handled with ignorance at all levels.
From the News;
He shot the bullmastiff two times,
And from your own sig line;
Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap .......
I therefore disqualify you from the jury pool,
But seriously, it could have been handled better. When I walked my grandsons dog at heel, I would get all kinds of guff about how the dog is supose to be on a leash, however it was always me that had to fend off other at large and leashed dogs that could not be controlled. I just used the long handled "Chuckit" to the nose of the offending dog as ours sat perfectly still on command during all encounters.
People today as a rule don't control their pet any better than their children!
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