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As a long time dog owner/breeder/exhibitor in dog shows - as well as long time concealed carry for PD - I've been following this - it happened within blocks from my residence. It seems to be handled with ignorance at all levels.

The shooter was protecting his dog - making no claim for protecting himself with lethal force - questionable legal use of his weapon. In my years of experience with that - Fox pepper spray does a better and more instant job of warding off the attacking dog than bullets and the law allows use of lethal force to defend self or other persons - they finally decided not to charge him with "animal abuse" - is anybody awake there???

The owner of the attacking dog is charged with having a dangerous dog ??? IMO - she should be charged with not controlling her dog - it was leashed but she couldn't (or didn't) control it. She is the root of all the problem but - "dangerous dog??" - it was really a dangerous dog handler since her dog was just being a dog and may never have done anything aggressive before. Responsibility lies with the handler - not the dog - unless there were previous such incidents.

I suppose with government agencies making those decisions - we shouldn't expect better - but I do - evidently no one with any "horse sense" is making any of the decisions regarding fault - responsibility, etc. It's a crap shoot and, with some luck, we may arrive at a logical solution - but, I'll believe it when I see it.
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